Tuesday, April 19, 2005


When your prof comes in and declares to your entire class, "I want to create a stressful environment for you for the next two weeks," you know it's time to hide under you desk and scream, or just get up and walk out. Of course, the peaceful alternative to all this is to take the crap he gives you, turn it in when he asks and participate in the incredibly stressful exercise of strategic assessment in front of the entire college board of directors/whatever you call the big-wigs here, that this course requires. I pride myself in being a very intense individual who never takes the easy way out and always stands up for myself and my beliefs . . . So, I will see you all sometime, two weeks from today when I can crawl out from under this immense pile of papers and books and do something besides homework.

Goodbye for now. Look for me in Purgatory, I do not believe in it, but it surely must be a lot like a certain small private college I know only too well.


HuskerFoley7 said...

Hee heee! Purgatory? What? Much closer to Hell I would presume. Anyway, you'll do fine because you are an incredibly intellegent individual who will thrive with a challenge. Kick some stratigical booty! And in the meantime, I will make sure the books don't crush you too much.

Xana Ender said...

Sorry Esther! I'm a bum:-( I will try to talk to you soon. Of course, I'll be seeing you on Saturday! Yay!