Sunday, January 29, 2006

Interesting . . .

This is an interesting article about Iran. It probably does not take enough details into account on the whole issue. However, it still gives one something to consider.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

You Do Have Reason To Congratulate Me

It is my blog's one year anniversary. Due to said disturbances I did not actually post this on the correct day, but I intended to change the date so that it would look like I posted it then. That did not work because blogger has become stupider. Hopefully none of you will be the wiser.

Yes, after an entire year of blogging I have learned the secret of life (riiight). I formalize that secret into this simple sentence (which I did not think up myself, I had it from a source) "Life sucks, grab a straw." In effect, life is a troublesome thing, filled with innumerable trials and difficulties. Yet it is also a wonderful thing, so "grab a straw" and live life to the fullest.

Blogging for a year has been a fun and sometimes awkward experience. I have posted some deep insights, but mostly a lot of random gibberish that no one listens to anyway. Some of my posts were well written, some of them had no typos. On others, I was not so careful.

In speculation, I believe I have often departed from the primary purpose of this blog and talked more about my personal reasons to whine than about politics. I do not see that as a problem since it is my blog. But I would like to stay more on track with my blog in the future. I would also like to post some thoughtful commentary on some of the major events of the age. On the other hand, my brain does not have the answer to every problem, or even an answer at that. Thus, it is difficult to write interesting commentary very often.

Something that I have noticed about a lot of blogs out there is the total lack of heart put into the posts. That is something else I resolve to improve upon on this one year anniversary of my blog. I do not wish to put up posts that mean little or nothing to me. Posts that cause people to think I am a computer instead of a human. No, I want to write so that readers both think and feel. Sometimes I get that into a post, most of the time I do not. I am still learning, dontcha know.

So, you've heard the things I would like to do differently in the next year. I extend my thanks to those who take the time to read all this blather. It's been a good year filled with change, and I look forward to another interesting year of blogging before I bore you all to death with another post like this.

Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm Sad

Why am I sad? I applied for a job at City Hall a few weeks ago. I got interviewed, and I didn't get the job. I'm the alternate. This is a job that I have been doing as a temp for a month and a half now. I have to ask, what does it take? They know I am good, they've seen me work. They know I will do the job to the best of my ability. I will try, I will put in the effort. My interview went extremely well. Everything there likes me. I'm respectful, honest and willing to do the job well even when I am not full time and I'm getting paid crap.

But no, some person who will probably turn out to be a bum like everyone else who has ever held that position turned up, so they hired that person instead.

So, I am sad. I don't know why I never get these jobs. I suck. That must be it.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Quick Plug

This is a plug for my husband Craig's blog. He posted a very funny post recently about the situation with Bin Laden.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Really Stupid Badguys

We have all read them. You know, The Evil Overlord Rules. Or if you have not read them, then you would do very well to do so. That is, especially if you intend to write a novel in which you will insert an evil character who fills the function of some sort of overlord. I am sorry to inform you that the author of a very popular series somehow forgot to read these important rules before setting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. That author is none other than J. K. Rowling the creator of one of the stupidest badguys ever: Lord Voldemort. Now I will tell you what I really think.

Voldemort broke innumerable Overlord Rules beginning in the first book. His greatest mistake is his propensity to explain his entire plan to Harry every time he meets up with him. This explanation always lasts several pages and wastes valuable readers' time. In the end, of course, it costs Voldemort a lot of unnecessary pain.

Another chronic problem of Voldemort's is his inability to estimate his enemies. He always thinks they're the stupid ones. You would think he would learn at some point because he keeps getting his plans messed up in the same way. I mean, he was the nincompoop who created his own worst enemy from the beginning. Furthermore, he assumes that he has the upper hand in every situation, thus verifying his own idiocy. It's as if he thinks that no one could possibly be smarter than him despite constant reminders that this is not, in fact, true. At the end of Year 2, Voldemort forgets that Pheonix tears can heal wounds. For crying out loud, a really old wizard with lots of schooling and he forgets something that obvious? I mean, even kids knew that! He did no research whatsoever into the types of magic that could put a halt to his activities. What kind of a badguy would forget the importance of comprehending his enemies? His stupidity often makes me wonder how Voldemort got as far as he did anyway. It could not have been on his own merit. Ah, it must be the contrivances of an author who forgot to read "The Evil Overlord Rules."

I confess that I enjoyed reading the Harry Potter series. I read all six current books inside a month's time, so I get them confused a bit. But I did enjoy them. They are brain candy. Harry is a superb little hero. He's the chief reason to enjoy the books. I mean, the kid is surprisingly brave and nice and treats people well. He has a difficult time getting past his dislikes for people who hate him, but other than that, he's admirable. Voldemort on the other hand, is the downside to the books.

I believe that in writing a goodguy should always be more complex than a badguy. That is because in real life the good is most often more complex and interesting than the bad. The same goes for people. Good people have more depth and have often been through more trials, or have allowed those trials to turn them out in a different way than your ordinary criminal. They have a totally different attitude toward life that is a far more interesting study. However, in this case, I am not asking that the villain be complex. I just wish he were intelligent. Even semi-intelligent would do. An IQ of say, 60. That'd be fine. But he does not even have that! You know, the guy could have at least read Machiavelli's "The Prince." He does not have to have read "Discourses on Livy," just "The Prince." Everyone has heard of or read that. But no. It's better by far that Voldemort be so stupid as to make a mockery of even James Bond baddies.

At least the guy who plays him in the fourth movie did a decent job turning him into an almost James Bond worthy villain. I am sorry to say that I am not looking forward to more Voldemort scenes in the 7th book.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Question Mark

I probably should have posted this yesterday, but I just got the memo today. Apparently, Hillary Clinton said this on Wednesday: "When you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run, it has been run like a plantation, and you know what I'm taking about…. It has been run in a way so that nobody with a contrary view has had a chance to present legislation, to make an argument, to be heard." If you read a little further into the article you'll find that she also referred to the Bush administration in her comment.

Maybe I'm just braindead, but I seem to remember Bush and the House of Representatives giving almost too much weight to other people's opinions. No Child Left Behind was Ted Kennedy's idea. The campaign finance reform bill was definitely wanted by Dems. Bush did not write the PATRIOT Act and everybody voted for it. There are myriads of bills that have made it through Bush without being vetoed from both sides of the aisle. In fact, one of the biggest problems I have with Bush is that he set out with a planthat he would not veto a single bill and so far he's kept to that philosophy. Honestly, I think he listens to other people's opinions too often. I guess this is what you get for giving an inch.

Also, what kind of an offensive, racist comment is that? "Run like a plantation"? Why isn't she being asked to resign? If somebody like, well, like Bush, said that the country would be in an uproar.

I guess Hillary still thinks people are too stupid to think for themselves.

Our Favorite Terrorist

Well, if you pay much attention to the news then you already know about Bin Laden offering a truce to the American people. I skimmed some of the stories and the guy must think we're all a bunch of whiny idiots or something. Honestly, the nerve! I have very little to say on this except that I certainly hope most Americans do not buy into the belief that terrorists will accept a peace agreement. If we fall for this latest scheme I would say that the American public will receive the 2006 Neville Chamberlain Award from me, that is, if I'm still alive to give it.

What do I see in Bin Laden's words? I see a very desperate criminal trying in every way he knows to get us to agree to stop pushing him. I see that we are winning and he knows it, thus he will try to hit us in the spots that he thinks are weak so that we will give up. That means he will find the lies to which he discerns that Americans are susceptible and tell them to us. I am glad once again that Bush is president and not someone who would back down in front of terrorist threats.

Monday, January 16, 2006

The Neverending Scandal

Many of you have probably watched or read "The Neverending Story." I did both when I was a kid. I remember reading it, getting about halfway through and wondering when the hell that stupid book was ever going to end. When I saw the second movie I really wondered when it was going to end. Talk about lame. They turned the dragon thing into a giant flying dog. And the badguys looked like great big lobsters. If you liked the story, then whatever, I'm sorry for you. I thought it was lame, just my opinion. It reminds me of some things that have happened in our country of late. Some things that are getting really, freaking lame.

I stopped counting the number of so-called "scandals" in the Bush administration long about the time the scandals started popping up. For I believe that for a scandal to be a scandal it really ought to be a scandal. Rather than call the figments of various persons' imaginations scandals, we should call them what they really are. A neverending barrage of whining that is somehow meant to undermine the presidency that those doing the whining never liked in the first place.

Let me be clear: scandals have a dictionary definition. While I suppose that some of the things that happened in the Bush years could fit into one part of that definition (i.e. malicious gossip that is meant to destroy someone's integrity), I do not see the continual problems as actual scandals. A scandal would be if the president slept with White House interns or wiretapped his political opponents offices or lied under oath or allowed his top officials to send government money to another country to aid one party in their fight against another. Take the whole WMD in Iraq "scandal." If you look at the facts the CIA cleared Bush to say that Hussein had WMD. Hussein implied in every possible way that he had them. The UN even seemed to think he had them. So why is this a scandal? Because people think Bush lied. If Bush lied then so did Tenet and every other CIA official who approved Bush's speeches in 2003. That's not a scandal, that's a terrible misunderstanding. Many soldiers have died in Iraq. Okay, not to be insensitive because this really is sad, but people die during wars. Sorry about that. Hurricane Katrina, let's parse this out. For thirty years environmentalists have refused to allow anyone to strengthen those stupid levies around New Orleans, but it's suddenly Bush's fault that they were never strengthened. I could go on for hours. Look, every problem in this country did not suddenly pop up because George W. Bush got elected!

I suppose I should not be so suprised, the fact is, Bush's first term started with a scandal. Oh my gosh, they kept recounting the votes and the votes kept coming up in Bush's favor! How can that be?

Am I starting to sound bitter? I am not the greatest supporter of Bush that ever was. But I am tired of the constant scandals. I am tired of being told that something is an epic, a saga, a great and horrible event, only to find out that it is none of the above. Now I am expected to believe that the fact that the NSA wiretapped terrorists is a bad thing. If they succeeded in preventing another 9/11 we would be very happy about that wiretapping. Of course, that won't happen now. Our brilliant beyond brilliant press has now warned any and all terrorists that the U.S.A.'s intelligence communities listen in on their phone conversations. When the next attack hits us I won't say "I told you so," I'll clean up the mess if I'm near it and cry like I did the last time.

Oh yeah, I put another link to a Mike Pence website on the sidebar. I hope he gets elected in 2008 for many reasons. One of those reasons is that it would put a stop to the muckraking.

Friday, January 13, 2006

I Almost Spoke Too Soon

My computer had mucho problemo the other day and I was afraid that I had spoken too soon about it's recovery. It seems to have allowed itself to be repaired today, however. I certainly hope it stays okay this time.

I just wanted to post this link. I am actually amazed that anyone besides the Weekly Standard said anything about this bit of news, but here it is. I do like the Wall Street Journal's Op Ed section.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Dear Friend Has Returned Home

In short: I finally got my computer back!

I am so excited and so happy. My computer is too. It's never been in better spirits. However, there are many valuable items that no longer exist in its files. So I have to go download stuff. I'll be back later to write a real post.

Oh yeah, I must say. I cut out for a while and the whole world tries to go to hell or something. Ariel Sharon in a coma . . . Something about Iran and the whole nuclear program . . . Pence possibly becoming the House Majority Leader (that's not bad news though, it's great news) . . . Everybody's mad at Bush because they think he eats babies and listens to us talking on the phone (oh wait, what's news about that?) -- as if he doesn't have better things to do . . . Alito's wife is crying . . . Crazy, crazy world! I wish I had not been virtually without news for a month.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Brain No Working

Me tired. Just got back from long day of traveling. Blargh. Feel like someone removed my brain and left in front of a truck which not only ran over it but backed up to run over it a second time.

Good news: am alive, am home.

Bad news: still no sign of my own computer. Should be here soon.

Cannot think in complete sentences.

Going to bed soon. Have to work in morning.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Announcing For 2005

I have decided that every year on New Year's Day I will give out a very important award. This award is called "The Neville Chamberlain Award." It goes to the person(s) who has committed the most spineless act of appeasement during the past year. I have asked my holiday monkey, Neville, to give out the award and he has agreed to a lifelong contract so long as he gets his photo online. Here he is then, to present the award.

What, you may ask, does the recipient of this award get out of all this? Since most recipients will probably never know they received the award they will get nothing. Those who do know receive the knowledge that at least my respect for them has lessened.

I know, I'm doing that thing like on the Oscars where they make you sit there and stew until you want to hit someone because they won't tell you who got the stupid award. Okay, okay. Here goes.

The 2005 "Neville Chamberlain Award" goes to President George W. Bush for the nomination of Harriet Miers as a Supreme Court Justice. After conservatives, like myself, had waited for long agonizing years to get someone with a record of the right opinions into the court, Bush decided to appease Dems and his opponents by nominating someone who had no Constitutional law experience.

Now, I must make it clear that this award only goes to "acts of appeasement," and not to thoughts of "acts of appeasement." For example, Bush did nominate Miers; Dems talked about pulling out of the war and thought about it, but they did not actually accomplish that thought. Thus they don't get the award.

I have been very bad this year and have not kept up on the news properly. For all I know there may have been a more spineless act of appeasement than the one I have awarded. That doesn't matter so don't tell me about it. This is my award based on my opinion and I'll come up with it on my own. I would add that the 2004 award was never announced. Thus I should tell you that it went to the people of Spain for voting out Prime Minister Aznar in response to the Madrid terrorist attacks.

Have a Happy New Year.