Thursday, January 19, 2006

Our Favorite Terrorist

Well, if you pay much attention to the news then you already know about Bin Laden offering a truce to the American people. I skimmed some of the stories and the guy must think we're all a bunch of whiny idiots or something. Honestly, the nerve! I have very little to say on this except that I certainly hope most Americans do not buy into the belief that terrorists will accept a peace agreement. If we fall for this latest scheme I would say that the American public will receive the 2006 Neville Chamberlain Award from me, that is, if I'm still alive to give it.

What do I see in Bin Laden's words? I see a very desperate criminal trying in every way he knows to get us to agree to stop pushing him. I see that we are winning and he knows it, thus he will try to hit us in the spots that he thinks are weak so that we will give up. That means he will find the lies to which he discerns that Americans are susceptible and tell them to us. I am glad once again that Bush is president and not someone who would back down in front of terrorist threats.

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