Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Dear Friend Has Returned Home

In short: I finally got my computer back!

I am so excited and so happy. My computer is too. It's never been in better spirits. However, there are many valuable items that no longer exist in its files. So I have to go download stuff. I'll be back later to write a real post.

Oh yeah, I must say. I cut out for a while and the whole world tries to go to hell or something. Ariel Sharon in a coma . . . Something about Iran and the whole nuclear program . . . Pence possibly becoming the House Majority Leader (that's not bad news though, it's great news) . . . Everybody's mad at Bush because they think he eats babies and listens to us talking on the phone (oh wait, what's news about that?) -- as if he doesn't have better things to do . . . Alito's wife is crying . . . Crazy, crazy world! I wish I had not been virtually without news for a month.


Xana Ender said...

yaaaaaaaaay!!!!! We'll get to hear from you again!!

Andy said...

Welcome back!