Saturday, January 28, 2006

You Do Have Reason To Congratulate Me

It is my blog's one year anniversary. Due to said disturbances I did not actually post this on the correct day, but I intended to change the date so that it would look like I posted it then. That did not work because blogger has become stupider. Hopefully none of you will be the wiser.

Yes, after an entire year of blogging I have learned the secret of life (riiight). I formalize that secret into this simple sentence (which I did not think up myself, I had it from a source) "Life sucks, grab a straw." In effect, life is a troublesome thing, filled with innumerable trials and difficulties. Yet it is also a wonderful thing, so "grab a straw" and live life to the fullest.

Blogging for a year has been a fun and sometimes awkward experience. I have posted some deep insights, but mostly a lot of random gibberish that no one listens to anyway. Some of my posts were well written, some of them had no typos. On others, I was not so careful.

In speculation, I believe I have often departed from the primary purpose of this blog and talked more about my personal reasons to whine than about politics. I do not see that as a problem since it is my blog. But I would like to stay more on track with my blog in the future. I would also like to post some thoughtful commentary on some of the major events of the age. On the other hand, my brain does not have the answer to every problem, or even an answer at that. Thus, it is difficult to write interesting commentary very often.

Something that I have noticed about a lot of blogs out there is the total lack of heart put into the posts. That is something else I resolve to improve upon on this one year anniversary of my blog. I do not wish to put up posts that mean little or nothing to me. Posts that cause people to think I am a computer instead of a human. No, I want to write so that readers both think and feel. Sometimes I get that into a post, most of the time I do not. I am still learning, dontcha know.

So, you've heard the things I would like to do differently in the next year. I extend my thanks to those who take the time to read all this blather. It's been a good year filled with change, and I look forward to another interesting year of blogging before I bore you all to death with another post like this.


Andy said...

Congratulations and happy blogoversary!

Mel Chickk said...

Congratulations on your year of blogging!

little-cicero said...

That's funny, because my goal has been to keep my heart out of my posts but it has gradually seeped in. It's just like you said on one of my posts on literature, by and by a writer writes what he knows, and you have done just that, and as a consequence, I as a reader know you. Keep on Blogging!

little-cicero said...

By the way, I know you'll probably moderate this comment, but why did you get comment modification on this blog. I haven't seen any comments up since you installed it! I'm calling the ACLU and Howard Stern, this is censorship!!!

Foolio_Displasius said...

Yay! Go team!