Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Christmas Shopping In Southern Indiana

I am not looking forward to standing in line this holiday season. Especially not with the crazies in this town and surrounding area.

You may have heard about the shortage of XBoxes. My area is no different when it comes to people wanting their toys. Or is it?

Now, keep in mind I live in a very liberal neighborhood. Of the people I know here the twenty or so regulars at my church are mostly conservative. Of the people I don't know, none of them are conservative. Basically, if you are a conservative you are part of unheard and basically non-existent minority.

So, today one of my new co-workers came into the office and told us about her ordeal to buy an XBox last night. She stood in line for five hours and the guy in front of her got the last one. She called around and no others were to be found.

She had another interesting story about a man who bought an XBox. He was a handicapped man in a wheelchair who had Down's Syndrome. He was lucky enough to get an XBox. At which point other customers began making threats against said handicapped man and began to follow him out of the store waiting for a chance to attack. The man had to be escorted out of Wal-Mart because people were going to jump him for his XBox.

Remember I live in a liberal town, full of liberal people.

Okay, these are people who will not die for their country. These are people who oppose killing terrorists. They oppose killing people who want to kill them. These are people who will not take a strong stance against criminals and instead call for rehabilitation. And these are people who would beat up a mentally handicapped man in a wheelchair to get their goldarned XBox.

That's all I have to say.


I forgot to mention this: Most of the people who bought the XBox went back home and put them up on ebay for at least twice as much as what they paid. Capitalism is good, apparently, when it works in our favor. Even if our political views speak against it.


Andy said...

Esther, I'm not really sure you've drawn a convincing parallel between the liberal bent of your neighborhood and the locals' propensity for idiocy. I'm extremely liberal, and I don't even want an x-box.

Also, every single liberal I know would be willing to give their lives for America; we just won't give them in a misguided war of choice against a country that posed no threat to us in order to fulfill a neo-con fantasy of making the Middle East a region full of quasi-democracies whose primary function is to cut us great deals on oil.

Esther said...

*shrug* I used to live in a very conservative town and we helped each other shop during those crazy sales and stuff. I'm just calling the differences where I see them. I would add (as benefit of the doubt) that this is also an area full of total idiots. It shows in their driving. So maybe all the really thoughtless liberals moved here.

The post was mostly meant for humor value. I suppose it could be kind of offensive. But no more so then some of the things you have said about conservatives.

So for the war point: I have only one thing to say. Ever since Vietnam we have found reasons to protest any war or conflict we got involved in. I don't think that's going to end anytime soon.

little-cicero said...

Esther, you forget that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. That among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of X-box.