Saturday, June 17, 2006

We're Gonna Be All Right

I've been worried over the past week. That's probably why you haven't heard much from me. Worry tends to motivate writer's block. I have been unsure about a few things. One of the most important was whether or not Craig and I would be able to pay for food this summer. I only make enough money to pay our bills. It's my stupid loans, really. I took them willingly and knowing that I would have to pay them off. I want to pay them off. But they do exert an extra strain on our budget. Until they are gone it will be that way. Nobody in this town makes much money, so that's another problem. High cost of living, low income. Crappy area. Now, Craig has a job, and I know we will be all right. Of course, I always believed that we would be all right. I prayed every day. I always know that God will provide. Even if He waits a while, something will come up. And something did.

So, to divert you all, I have decided to review one of my favorite movies: The Road to El Dorado. I don't know why so few people enjoy this movie. I have never heard another person express much liking for it. I find it to be one of the funniest, most enjoyable films ever.

It's about friendship and adventure. Friendship, because the movie is about two sidekicks. The characters are not your ordinary hero and sidekick, they're both the latter. I think that's how most people and most friendships are. A real sidekick would get tired of being a sidekick after a while. I would find it annoying and I'm sure anyone else would to -- to be always in the shadow of another person? That would grow tiring. But in this movie, the friendship is like a normal one. It's like David and Jonathon from the Bible. The two main characters, Miguel and Tulio are the closest of friends, and they are also equals. They bounce jokes off each other and understand one another's personalities just like ordinary friends. Of course, the best part is that it's got the voice work of Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Kline. They're just great.

As for adventure, I happen to believe that good old fashioned adventure is no longer appreciated as it ought to be. We have all these contrived adventures and conspiracies now. Nothing can be just a good adventure with no forethought, no complexities and no subterfuges. An adventure is a straightforward thing. Here is a story about two guys who accidentally end up on the other side of the ocean and then go seek out the City of Gold, which they actually find. Then hilarity ensues. It's like the stuff I read as a kid. Like a fairy tale, with magic and wonder. The badguys are real villains -- scary and obviously up to no good, they don't even act like nice people. The whole movie is a classic story. One that is not as original as it is familiar. Unique in its familiarity and therefore worth the watching and re-watching. It's too bad that everyone has to come up with something totally different nowadays. Sometimes old stories can be intriguing, old adventures can draw one's imagination. They can exist without any hokey or campy elements to them. It's too bad that everything has to be original, most things are old and overused in their originality. El Dorado is fresh in its vivid portrayal of the adventure that we all wanted to have at one time or another.

That's why I like that movie. Then again, I still read kids books, so I am kind of a weirdo. You don't have to believe me, but you could go watch the movie.


Xana Ender said...

Your thoughts?

Mel Chickk said...

Sad to say I am on the list of those who have never watched. I will have to rent it.