Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'll Tell You What Would Make Me Feel Better

But first, I'll tell you why I don't feel good at all. The last week and a half has been somewhat traumatic in the physical pain sense. That is to say, I am in severe physical pain. My left side hurts so much that most of the time I do not want to move, but if I don't move it feels worse than if I am walking around. I also have no energy.

So, on Friday I went to the doctor and she thinks I have an ulcer. Yeah, remember last March/April's posts (if you're a longtime reader) about all this? Where they thought I had a slow digestive system. Well, the pain is a lot worse now, and now it's a suspected stomach ulcer. That means I'm looking at never eating spicy food again. Okay, no cheese, no chocolate, no wine, no salsa, no jalepenos. I may as well eat mush for the rest of my life.

Wednesday is an interesting date because I'm going to have an interesting test done that should tell the doctors if I have an ulcer. Keep me in your prayers on that.

But it would really make me feel better if you all posted congratulations on my winning NaNoWriMo.


Steven said...

Congratulations :-)

My prayers will be with you also

Xana Ender said...

Wow, I'm sorry:-(

Xana Ender said...

Congratulations on winning the nan-naejfklsjlgkjfr thing :-)

Matt said...

Good luck, Esther!

BTW, congrats again on winning NANO!


Mel Chickk said...

Congratulations on winning!

I hope you get an answer with your next medical test and I pray its nothing serious.