Thursday, February 15, 2007


The politician I despise the most will always be Al Gore. Why? To borrow a line froma a really good movie (Sense and Sensibility): "Because he has threatened me with rain when I wanted sun." That's why. In a nutshell. He is using global warming for his own profit and people think he cares about them. The fact is that we humans believe we can turn this world into a greenhouse just because we have cars. Cows flatulating cause more environmental problems than cars. You know what, I think nature can pretty much take care of itself. I don't mean to say we should trash the place, but we should not go frantic over something as fad-like as global warming. In the 1970s we were expecting a new ice age. What happened to that? Hello. We do not understand the way the temperature of the earth works because we have only been recording that temperature for a hundred and fifty years or so. It is pure arrogance to think we are going to destroy this planet with cars.

Besides all that, Al Gore flies from one end of the country to the other in his own private jet. He has an enormous house, and there's a mine on his land that is in working order. He probably uses up four times the energy anyone else uses. Don't be fooled by the bore.

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Tracy said...

I'm with you on this one. Gore is often treated as if he's an intellectual though really he's a moron. It doesn't even take careful observation to see what a dolt he is. To think he was so close to running the country makes me relieved that we don't have an idiot in the White House now. Whoops, nevermind.