Monday, August 04, 2008

Snake Oil

So, apparently snake oil sales are back in vogue under a different name. They're called herbal supplements. Buyer beware.


tully said...

The "all natural" aspect of soft drinks would be a welcome change. Have you ever tried Jarrito sodas (not a comment on your ethnicity)? They contain no artificial flavors, and they are the best popular soft drinks (not popular in my neighborhood) I've ever had.

Esther said...

I believe I have seen those sodas. Unfortunately, I have problems with corn syrup (this is practically illegal in Iowa, of course ;oP). I can't drink soda. I don't like artificial sweeteners, so I don't bother. Tea and coffee is about as out there as it gets for me.

As for "all natural" products. I don't necessarily buy into them. I mean, what's the alternative, synthetic products? Processed food still has nutrients.