Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Good At Math

The color green is said to be soothing. It's true, it is. I always feel better after gazing at lush, green trees. What better color to use to write a rant then?

I suppose my faithful readers must be wondering if I still exist. Yes, I do. I have had very little time to write in the past few months. I am working part time and doing school part time. Which brings me to my subject.

My stupid trig teacher gave me a D-. This means I have to retake the class. I always thought I was good at math. Now I am not so sure. Of course, it is difficult to tell when the teacher can only speak (very) broken English and fails to teach anything about the subject. All he really said was "Is easy for you!" or "Need more practice" or "More practice, good for you!" None of these sentences helped me understand what the sine of 45 degrees is.

Other students told me that they had failed all the man's tests and not done all their homework yet they still got an A or B+. His curve was described as "wicked." I guess I was at the bottom of the curve then.

I am pretty much spitting mad now.

So, I'll write more later about what's going on in my life. Maybe.

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