Monday, May 16, 2005

It's Over Now

I cannot go back to Hillsdale without remembering that I will never be an undergrad there again. What a sad thought. My friends and I said goodbye several times and went our separate ways. I am sure that we will all be friends for a long, long time, but I am saddened that we will not be in the same place anymore. Perhaps if some of us are close by we can go up for homecoming. But then again, I never really cared about homecoming.

Two days ago I took those final steps across the stage in the sports complex. Dr. Blackstock handed me a diploma cover with a letter inside and told me he hoped I would do well in life. I hugged Dr. Arnn (to his surprise) and he told me that, "It is good to know you." It is strange to say that I will miss Dr. Arnn. I spent three and a half years disliking him, finally got to know him and decided that he is a really cool person. I then proceeded down the stairs, got my picture taken and was intercepted by my fiance's mom. Thoroughly confused I turned to find Dr. Wolfram standing there at the head of a line of poli-sci profs. I thought Wolfram was econ so I nearly skipped him until Dr. Craig told me I had to start at the front of the line. So I shook hands with Dr. Wolfram, gave a bear hug to Dr. Craig, did not even see Dr. Morrissey as he shook my hand, and was kissed on the cheek by Dr. Eden much to my own surprise. Before I finally got to my Dad, Tony Frudakis came out from the crowd and shook my hand and congratulated me. That was incredibly thoughtful of him since I am not an art major, but only took sculpting from him. Then I saw my Dad, and went back to my seat with Regina, Anthony and Josh.

After graduation I got lost in the crowd, lost my fam, found Craig's fam, found my fam. And finally got lots of photos taken.

I will miss everyone so much. College is over and it has left me with a feeling of relief, joy, satisfaction, closure, and lingering sadness. My friends have become a family to me, a family that I will miss more every day. Fortunately I made good friends in college, which means we will keep in touch. Furthermore, Matt is awesome and can make us a website. When I get further info I'll post that in the links section.

Now I go to do work, or cry, or think, or just let my mind meander through the memories of my last four years of life. It was a time that had its stresses, and those will never become nostalgia. But also a time that had its fun, its joys, and its awesome, wonderful times full of living life to the fullest and hanging out with people who are definitely top dogs, yo. I am prepared to move forward in life, I could not go back for another year, but I will miss what has passed.


HuskerFoley7 said...

*Sniffle* I didn't cry until I got home last night and laid on the couch by myself after my whole family went to bed around 10 pm. I will miss everyone. You're right, we all became family and now we are all leaving the nest. By the way, my sister really likes the duck you got me. She thinks he's very cute and not possesed like the others thought.

Buttercup and JOHN-43 said...

sad when you know you are leaving a good place and friends, but you will make new friends and life is all about goind forward, hope you have a great new life a head of you , like the blogg :))))

HuskerFoley7 said...

That's okay, we will all be back to have good ol' time at your wedding. I'll try to come back early to help you guys out and pure bordom. I do want to help because you usually don't get to see too much of the bride and groom at weddings because so many other people want to see them! :) I can't wait!

MaxiSmeg said...

Don't really have the time to read all that I want to in your blog but what I have read is kind of funny.

I'm so much like you in some respects it's kind of freaky!

I hope that your wedding goes well and that you continue to post in your blog.