Monday, June 20, 2005

The Vanishing Game

I will be married on Friday to the man of my dreams. On Sunday he and I will head to Maui on our honeymoon. Then a week later we will fly back and drive down to our apartment in Indiana.

Those of you who know me will see me this week at least until I leave from my wedding. To those of you who read my blog, whether you know me in real life or just on the computer, you will not see a new post on here until I come back.

I will vanish for almost two weeks, because who wants to keep up with a weekly couple of posts right after their wedding anyway?


HuskerFoley7 said...

Yay for Maui... who wants to post on their blog when they are in Maui anyway? I wouldn't. :) See yah tomorrow and then next day and the next day... and then we leave. Parting is such sweet sorrow. :)

MaxiSmeg said...

Congratulations. May God grant you many long years of happiness, health and love together

Go n-éirí an bothar libh.

HuskerFoley7 said...

Esther, it is July 5th and I miss you. Would you send me your address asap so I can send you a little present I happened to find that fits your's and Craigs honeymoon. I hope you'll like it! :)