Monday, December 19, 2005

It's Just A Phase

I want my computer back! Now! I am using my husband's laptop again. Now I have free rein of this dreadful computer. But I don't like using it. Still I suppose it's better than no computer and no internet. I have a difficult time motivating myself to write posts when I don't have my own computer. Sorry about that. I'm still here. So, I was tagged by Little Cicero. I am supposed to describe 5 of my favorite things or 5 simple pleasures, same difference, dontcha know. Here goes (in random order).

1. Speeding and knowing that the cops won't pull me over for it because everybody speeds.
2. Annyoing an Indiana driver by obeying the law.
3. Getting a Christmas card/sending a Christmas card/seeing someone's face when I get them a cool present/everything that's in the true spirit of Christmas and not all about commercialization.
4. Talking with a good friend.
5. Holding hands with my husband.

Okay, that's it. Now I tag Maria, Foley, Craig and Trump. (That means you have to do the same thing I just did only say what five or your favorite things are I guess, not five of mine.)


little-cicero said...

So I take it reading Little Cicero's blog is number 6 on your list.

little-cicero said...

Merry Christmas!