Wednesday, April 19, 2006


My computer is back and so am I! Before I write a real post, I would like to post this article link. People always think that democracy, by definition, works and is good. In actuallity, it takes people who know what they're doing to make it work. I thought this article appropriately addressed that problem.


Morgan (ceci's boy) said...

Meh... I could take or leave democracy personally. While I have a preference for Republics, there's not too much special about them. The more important component to good government is individual rights. Constitutions can sometimes help protect those rights, but ultimately are meaningless without a population dedicated to maintaining their own rights through the recognition that all power originates with them.

Esther said...

I agree. I'm more concerned with matters of rights and personal freedom. If a dictatorship were able to provide that for an extended period of time I'd be all for it. I posted the article considering only the part about how democracy does not work on autopilot. I didn't really agree with a lot of the other stuff as I am not that crazy about the idea of the U.S. taking over the world.