Sunday, April 30, 2006


My muse went on vacation. It did not ask for any time off. In fact, I was just getting back into my writing, when I noticed that my muse was gone. All the usual tricks have not brought it back yet. Usually if I listen to Les Miserables my muse makes a reappearance from wherever it happened to be relaxing. Not so these days. The muse just went awol. I really wish that I did not need a muse. But like most writers, I am plagued by the peculiar problems of a muse. When the muse is gone, I have writer's block. The only way to fix that is to, well, to sit around until my muse comes back. I'm a lot less ambitious when I have writer's block. I do not even feel like reading. I try watching dvds and that does not work either. I feel like I'm drifting around listlessly and I do not want to do anything. Stupid muse.

At least it does not wake me up at 4am every morning like Milton's muse did while he was writing Paradise Lost. That would suck. You know, I read some interviews by Brian Jacques (author of the Redwall series). He never has writer's block. I'm so jealous. I've never heard of a writer who never had writer's block! I guess his muse is happy most of the time. Must be because it gets a vacation every year when he goes on tour to do book signings. That's the problem. I need to start going on tour and doing book signings! Then I will not get writer's block. Oh yeah, first I need to get something published. And second, whatever I get published needs to be popular enough to warrant book signings. This could be a lengthy process. In the meantime, my stupid muse needs to come back from whatever tropical island it's hiding out on.

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