Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Said I'd Do This, So I'd Better

I've been tagged by Little Cicero. This is what I have to do: List three nice things about a leading political figure in the party that you disagree with.

It took me several days to come up with the name of a "leading political figure" in the Democratic party for whom I have some respect. I'm sorry, I just can't compliment someone I don't respect at all. So, here goes:

1. Joseph Lieberman upholds his understanding of moral values. 2. Joseph Lieberman has well worded, thought out arguments for his ideas. 3. Joseph Lieberman's wife has a good name (Hadassah is Esther in Hebrew).

I also thought I'd be extra magnanimous and compliment John Edwards as well:

1. John Edwards has a lot of hair for a guy his age. 2. John Edwards does a spectacular make-up job on his face (better than any teenage girl). 3. John Edwards sure sounds good when he's talking. ;oP

Don't take me off your blogroll for that one LC, it's just a joke.

I can't tag three people to do this because I don't tag people. But if you want to write something like that up and put it on your blog then go right ahead!


little-cicero said...

Yeah, my proposed penalty for abuse of the tagging assignment went out the window a long time ago.

You picked the two easiest Democrats to like- I agree entirely. John Edwards (aka Silky Pony) is probably the most attractive male politician I've ever witnessed, and Joe Lieberman is the smartest member of the Democratic Party. If I had to vote for any Democrat it would definitely be Lieberman.

Esther said...

Don't forget Zell Miller. He's pretty easy to like. Possibly easier to like than either Edwards (gag me with a spoon) and Joe Lieberman (whom I do have a high respect for).