Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bush Is God

He can start hurricanes and direct whom they will punish. He can destroy the environment and cause global warming. He can direct the whims of leaders worldwide. He can orchestrate World War III and decide who wins or loses. He can singlehandedly destroy the advances of science . . . or so they say. Here's some thoughts on that.

P.S. Sources (=Bush haters/media/people) also say that Bush is an idiot. Can I just say that I'm confused.


Tracy said...

Well said.

..he is sorta dumb still though.

Esther said...

I'm not a Bush fan either. I just like logic. Thanks!

Tracy said...

I've always been hopeful of Bush. I was the same way with his father as George H. W. was the first guy I had the opportunity to vote for...I've since learned to live with disappointment.

Everything aside, I think I'd like Bush personally and relate to the ups and downs of his life.

I'm sad I never voted for Ron Paul in '88 when I had the chance.

Esther said...

I agree. I would probably get along with Mr. Bush on a personal level. I have great respect for him because he has such a tough job, especially right now. Also, because I think he is one of the few presidents to take his faith seriously. But I do think he could do better on a lot of policies he's made or allowed to happen.