Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Climbing The Walls

A day in the life of Esther:

6:30am - get up, take shower.
7am - check email, stare at the zero interesting emails.
8am - eat something for breakfast.
8:30am - look for sculpting classes online or read or watch episodes of Arrested Development.
10am - think about the fact that I have nothing to do all day.
11am - read.
12pm - eat something for lunch.
1pm - apply for some jobs online.
2pm - clean and unpack boxes or just clean.
3pm - watch Dr. Phil.
4pm - read or think about the fact that I have nothing to do.
4:30pm - start making dinner.
5:30pm - Craig gets home. Finish making dinner.
6pm - eat dinner.
6:30pm - go out and drive around or buy something.
7:30pm - watch a movie, do something.
10pm - go to bed and to sleep.

Gah. I think I'm going to start working on my book very seriously again. Reading my day is almost worse than living it.


Mel Chickk said...

Busy is in the eye of the beholder. I have even less to do than you.

All I do is laundry. :)

Xana Ender said...

I'm too busy - want to do some of my stuff?:-)

Esther said...

Xana: I'm sure I'd be helping you out if I was one of your bridesmaids. But I'm not. So ask them. ;oP Anyway, we should talk sometime soon. You can call me after 10pm your time because I'm in Central Time now.

Mel: Every day I tell myself that tomorrow I will get up and be on a real schedule. It has yet to happen. But hey, tomorrow I will!