Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Obligatory Presidential Debate Post

Okay, okay. Nobody has said anything about this, but I know you're all dying to hear me discuss the first presidential debate which took place this past Friday. Here are my thoughts:

1) Obama got his ideas about the economy and the financial crisis across better than McCain.
2) McCain actually answered the question about what he would cut in light of the -- now failed -- $700 billion bailout.
3) Obama needs to memorize the name on his bracelet or not wear the thing.
4) McCain pretty much blasted Obama over the idea of talking with rogue nations "without preconditions."
5) But Obama did hold his own. No great gaffs.
6) Obama really is a Marxist.
7) McCain is not a Republican. Seriously.

Who do I plan to vote for? I don't know. It's a quandary for an old school Republican with libertarian leanings like me.


Arellanova said...

that is a quandry. Are you going to watch biden/palin?

and...yay? bailout fail? no comments, or do I have permission to gas about that for several pages on my blog. :P

Tracy said...

After every comment in the debate I could hear my brain begin asking a question that started with, "...But what about..." and I realized that this debate wasn't for me. It was a discussion of nuances regarding policies they largely agree upon. It was if they were both trying to convince me that their particular brand of intervention was better than the other guy's.

I felt left out...and bored.

Esther said...

Arellanova: I always watch the debates unless they conflict with Smallville time. I'm definitely OCD about presidential and vice presidential debates. Yeah, talk about the bailout fail. I don't have anything much to say.

Tracy: I know the feeling. Very left out here too. I will probably keep watching those debates though. Not sure why, but I will.

Xana Ender said...

Yeah, the weird thing to me is that the media and the Democrats have always loved McCain, because he's such a moderate Republican (or possibly moderate Democrat). That's why conservatives weren't too happy with him as our pick. Yet, somehow now Democrats all hate him and think he's just like George Bush (another fiscal non-conservative true)? It's so silly! What they truly don't like is the little R after his name instead of the little D. Because his policies and record are pretty close to what a moderate Democrat's would be. But hey, moderate is better than socialist. Joe Biden's quote from the VP debate was telling, "In my [world] (I don't remember the exact term he used, neighborhood, city, whatever)we don't call that redistribution of wealth, we call that fairness." Well, then you and Lenin have a lot in common. He liked to redefine words too so he could use fuzzy emotional words to mean the opposite of what they originally did. Think "Ministry of Peace" from George Orwell's 1984:-)

indyhermit said...

Can't we all just write in Weird Al? Seriously, I'm with you Esther, I don't really like either pick this year.