Saturday, August 27, 2005

Let's Try To Be More Controversial, Shall I?

After considering the last several days worth of posting, I have come to realize that I have now discussed two of the most controverial issues ever to arise on this planet. So, what shall I talk about next? Would not anything be a step down from where I am? Oh well.

I think I will be nice and normal and talk about jobs. I still have not got one, in case you did not know. I have not heard back from the one I interviewed for last week. I hope I hear back on Monday, and that's about the most I can do.

Jobs and finding jobs are very annoying aspects of life. Every job I apply for requires some sort of experience. Sometimes I have the experience, sometimes I do not have it. I still try. Because I know that I can learn just about anything on site. If they would hire me, I guarantee that in one week I would know all the important things that I need to know, and in two weeks I would have tied up most of the details. No, you have to have experience! A certain time length of experience. I just went through four years of hell and I have to have experience?! Whose idea was this? My four years of work and pain count for nothing unless I have on the job experience to back it up. Even with the on the job experience I have (which is more than most college graduates) it does not really count for much. I worked my way through college, paying for an expensive, private school education on my own and it counts for nothing with these people! I feel like throwing a temper tantrum.

Another thing you need is contacts. People who will give you an in. That worked so well for me. The guy who said he would help me find a job would not hire me himself! Even though I have tons more experience with what he needed than most people. So now I have no one but myself to recommend me, and that's never quite good enough. I guess I need to be the daughter of an oil tycoon or something. Fat chance of that happening anytime soon . . .

Sorry for the rant. I have not been doing so good on the job hunt and it is starting to wear at me.

So, I keep applying and applying. I hope I hear something eventually.


HuskerFoley7 said...

Oh, I hear yah! We worked so hard at Hillsdale, pumping all our spare money into that school and what do we get? Well, I'm a nanny making less than minimum wage and you are jobless! Wow, so that's the Hillsdale education. LOL! Don't worry, "the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow..." At least you have Craig. But, honestly, I think Hillsdale mostly helps people to get into grad schools or law schools, I don't think it is meant to prepare us for a job, I think it is meant to prepare us for a lifetime of education. LOL! Well, that's my take anyway. I'm going to go suck up to Chris's family friend, the famous sports photographer, and hopefully get an internship or something. :)Good luck on the hunt. I hope you get this one.

little-cicero said...

You've inspired yet another post, go and read my musings (you might like my plan for political credentials)

little-cicero said...
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Xana Ender said...

Sorry I have no contacts for you down there:-(