Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Thought

I had a thought concerning my most recent post. By the time I get to elected office I will have left behind such a paper trail that the media will have the ability to make quite a stink about me. Maybe having a politically oriented blog is not the safest road to take.

Oh well . . . I enjoy this too much to stop! And some things need to be said.


Foolio_Displasius said...

Don't fear the paper trail--rejoice that your future constituents can get an intimate glimpse at how your thoughts and philosophies developed over the years. Maybe your journey will help persuade them that you're right. ;-)

And there is nothing wrong with honesty, especially when it is backed by thoughtful political analysis and inherent charm.

MaxiSmeg said...

Hey at least you have the courage to post under your real name!

Better to be honest about your views than to to hide them so you can get elected. People respect someone who sticks to their beliefs and does not change because of a shift in the breeze.

HuskerFoley7 said...

Hey, Esther, I think that people will want you for your pure honesty and willingness to step outside the "political" box and become a real leader for the people and not just another person out for their own special interests. And if they don't vote for you, well, then they just suck!

little-cicero said...

Let the paper trail be your platform. You are not extremist as it were- just be sure that what you write is what you would write were you in the position of US Senator. Oh, and be sure not to be nominated for Supreme Court Justice, or you'll be Borked if they find out any of your opinions. If Barbara Boxer's noncontroversial enough to be a Legislator, anyone is.