Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Matters of Housekeeping

I have a couple matters of housekeeping to point out to my readers. Most of the time I let my blog's structure and template speak for itself, but I think it is necessary to comment on recent events.

1. Minor change: When I post articles that I find particularly logical and intriguing they will be part of the Ah, Logic series.

2. Major change: If you cannot get yourself a blogger identity or are afraid to put that identity on my blog along with your opinion, then you will not be posting comments. I do not care if you want to make an idiot of yourself here, just have an identity when you make an idiot of yourself. I am no longer accepting anonymous comments. I am sorry to those friends of mine who do not have blogger identities. I would remind you that I went ahead and got an identity so that I could post comments on your blog of choice, it's not too much to ask a return of the favor. Also, if you are a friend of mine without a blogger identity, it is not because of you that I decided to change this. Anonymous commenters are almost always spammers. I operate on the basis that if you really want to comment on my blog and to continue doing so, you will get a blogger identity and be something other than an idiot spammer.

Edit: As my friend Little Cicero has reminded me, you do NOT have to have a blogger blog in order to have a blogger identity. More on this later.


little-cicero said...

I don't think most people understand that to be registered with blogger, you don't really have to have a blog. So people avoid blogger accounts to avoid blogging. What we need is an informational campaign to share the good news.

As proof of this I'll draw to an instance where Time, a new but tech-sabby and somewhat intelligent blogger, assumed that my cousin DocTruck (Lance Corporal USMC) didn't exist because he didn't come up on the blog search. Oddly enough, my cousin who knows absolutely nothing about blogging knew well enough that he could comment with blogger without having a blog- but the accuser did not.

Esther said...

Yeah, that's true. I should write a post about the advantages of having a blogger identity. I'll do that when I get back from my vacation here. I just like to be able to follow people's identities and find out who they are. I do not think it is right to pick on someone's opinion if you are unwilling to allow them to do the same in return. I also have a lot more respect for people who actually have an identity on blogger, even if they do not have a blog.

little-cicero said...

I have a tremendous amount of respect for both malla diva and kr pdx as I'm sure you do, despite their relative anonymity. It helps to have both of their e-mail addresses, but I do wish they would get blogger accounts- partially so they could simply prevent hijacking- someone can easily chime in with their names and say things that they wouldn't say.

D. Greene said...

I have respect for the need to control blog comments. Spammers be damned.