Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hats Off To You, Mr. Luther

Yesterday was Reformation Day. I would toast a long and happy life to Martin Luther, the man who made Reformation Day, but he's been dead for quite some time. Of course, I'm a Lutheran, so that's the only reason I'm talking right now.

I am not one of those Lutherans who eats, lives and breathes everything Martin Luther ever said. I find some of his words to be true and interesting. Others are rather humorous in their outright crankiness. And some are not at all true. I do think that his codification of doctrine was very well done and I agree with a lot of it. Generally, I do not call myself a Lutheran, because I never liked the Lutheran arrogance. I still do not like that. It was the reason that I had a lot of trouble becoming a Lutheran. I did not want to turn into an arrogant person who sat around talking about why everyone else was wrong. Fortunately that is not requisite for being Lutheran and here I am. I'm sure I'm more arrogant than I think, but you get the general idea.

Back to the topic now. I would like to offer a warm round of applause to Martin Luther. I am happy that such a guy existed to put the world off the track of massive church corruption, at least inasmuch as he did. I wonder what the world would be like now if Martin Luther had never existed and had not been quite so hardheaded when he did. It would probably be a lot weirder. Hats off to you, Mr. Luther.


Rabbi Jonah said...

What is your evaluation of Luther's vehement anti-semitism and its effect toward the Holocaust?

Esther said...

Interesting that you should comment on a post I wrote in November of last year. It's a good thing I have an updater thing or I never would have found this.

My opinion would be that Luther was wrong to be anti-semitic. I completely disagree with him there. He was only a human, and imperfect like we all are. Luther needed God's forgiveness every bit as much as I do.

It's effect on the Holocaust I don't know for sure. I know he was quoted by Hitler and the like. However, it was not Luther's actions that caused all that horror. Hitler would have found someone else to quote if not Martin Luther.

I am most definitely not condoning Luther's words and never would. I am in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and we do not agree with what Luther said about Jews. If you look up and dig around you can find some info on that.