Monday, February 11, 2008

Count Them Votes!

Huckabee is contesting the results from Washington state. The state Republican Party chair declared McCain the winner with only 87% of the votes counted. McCain was less than two percent ahead of Huckabee.

Ron Paul won 21% of the votes counted so far in Washington.


Tracy said...

Luke Esser is the GOP chairman here and he was anxious to declare a winner. The funny thing is that neither Huckabee or McCain won the most delegates. We had 13% uncommitted and in certain precincts this was a strategy of Ron Paul delegates so that we could slip in undetected. Ron Paul won outright 5 counties in our state including the 3rd largest...the conventions in Washington state should be interesting. I'll be at one.

Esther said...

Awesome. I feel like we're trading insider information here or something. I'm getting all set to go to our county convention, but I think I'd rather vote someone else to go on to state than do that myself. Just too much stuff for me right now.