Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Race Annoouncer -- That's Me

Virginia: McCain won on the Republican side. Obama won the Democrat primary.

Maryland: McCain won again. Obama won again.

D.C.: Same story by wider margins.

I cannot say I am surprised by any of the outcomes of these states/district. Except perhaps that Obama is doing so well. That's how the Dems are, however. They will shoot themselves in the foot every primary by picking a really liberal candidate who can talk pretty. Republicans prefer the inarticulate guy who's willing to take action whether it's necessary or not. I am still surprised about McCain coming up as the forerunner. He's incredibly unpredictable when it comes to Republican values. He switches back and forth so often. I remember a time when it was thought that he would become an Independent and change the balance of power in the Senate. I respect him for what he has been through, but I do not want him to be president.

Oh, yeah, and Ron Paul's numbers continue to be existent, but low.

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