Sunday, October 16, 2005

No Holds Barred

I have been trying to write this dreadful post all day and it's just not coming very well. I wanted to discuss my thoughts on an event hosted in my town this past weekend. It's not my favorite thing to talk about so that's probably why I am having a difficult time posting my thoughts. This weekend my lovely town hosted an event called Eroticon. If you're wondering what that is, your imagination can probably help. Remove the last two letters and consider the meaning of the word, and if you still can't figure it out there's always

One or two years ago I read about an event at a college where a tent was set up for couples wishing to engage in consensual, free love. Here in Indiana it costs ten dollars or twenty dollars depending upon one's attire, but it's very similar. It was not exactly in a tent though, according to the article in the school paper the event was held at a night club. Now, you may be wondering, why did I bother to read this article? This certainly does not sound like something that I would be interested in attending. No, it's not. I read the article because I wanted to write a post on it. Because
I don't care if someone gets upset at me for what I am about to say. I think my audience is sufficiently moral to agree with me, at least in part.

Now, I have to be careful what I write here.
The entire article on the event consists of a bunch of innuendos that make me cringe reading it. If I put in a wrong word I'll get many weirdos reading my blog because of the search words they put into google or something. Then I'd have to turn off anonymous comments.

To start with, this event disgusts me. To end with, it disgusts me. That a college newspaper should share the news with students as if it's an educational event further disgusts me. I get the impression that sex is merely another way for people to entertain themselves, from this article. It cheapens and distorts the subject to the point where I just want to stand on a soapbox on a street corner and talk really loud.

Perhaps you'd like to hear some quotations from the article . . . okay, can't do it. The article disgusts me. Get this, there were rooms available where people could find a partner and go for the experience of BDSM. These rooms were called "playspaces." They even hired people apparently to give others the experience . . . uh, yeah, that sounds like prostitution to me, dude. And another great way to pick up an std. That's about all the specifics I can manage. I apologize for the not kid friendly parts of this post, but I don't want my readers to think I'm going crazy about nothing.

Anyway, my rather stream of consciousness thoughts are as follows: Why did I move here? Okay, bad things happen wherever you go. That's all there is to it. People are people and I am willing to let them be people. But I hate the fact that something God made is cheapened so much by things like this. It appears to me that people view sex as nothing more consequential than watching a movie. The article goes on and on about how they just want people to have "fun." I'm just going to say it, sex outside of marriage is wrong. Add in all the nasty stuff and it is no less immoral, but with a darker side to the lusts involved.
We are warned, especially in Paul's letters, against sexual immorality. Now I know that many people see sex in a lighter manner. Here I am making a Christian argument about it. Well, I'm a Christian and I think that sex is a far more serious thing and treating it like a toy is flat out wrong. I'm not going to lighten up about this. It is a gift of God and like all gifts of God it has been misused by human nature. It is a sad fact of life, and it upsets me to see it. The affects upon people are not to be taken lightly. Aside from being morally wrong, this kind of stuff is also dangerous. Serious emotional and physical harm comes from misusing sex. Obviously, I'm not a psychologist so I can't go into any depth on this. I'm not trying to write an editorial, I'm just outraged.

That's it. Stream of consciousness, dreadful post, but it's what I think.


Will said...

Thanks for your comment, and the updated link! I definitely like Blogger more than Xanga.

little-cicero said...

Sex: The intercourse of sexual fertilization releasing pleasure-inducing endorphines into the brain to produce an extreme feeling of satisfaction. Created for procreation, the reproduction of the species for the sake of its continuation.
The former description is more embraced by our culture than the latter, but ultimately, sex is for reproduction, and technically any sex that is not meant for procreation is wrong, especially if fertilization is prevented (condominiums or birth control) whether participants are married or not, if you go by the Bible, but marriage, for sociological reasons, makes the most sense as a criteria for promiscuity. In other words, if you're gonna have sex, your partner should be married and you should want to make babies as a result, because sex is how babies are made. People too often forget this fact.

Esther said...

LC: That's the most emotionally detached view of sex I have ever heard. Are you planning to be a monk or something?

little-cicero said...

No, I'm not a monk or a saint, but if one looks to the Bible, one must understand what it says on the subject of sex. I write with emotional detachment, but so did the writers of the Old Testament. It is for those who think the gift of sex was given to them so they can reach orgasm, they should remember what it was really given to us for. Sex is a beautiful thing, but it has a purpose!

HuskerFoley7 said...

I agree completely. I think it was Penn State who had a Sex Fair a few years ago.... yeah, one reason I won't cheer for their football team. Anyway, I agree with you. Sex just for sex cheapens everything beautiful about it. Sex is not a dirty thing, or an immoral thing if done in a loving marriage for the reasons of being united, getting to know one another intimatly, etc... I'm so sick of our culture making it into a sporting event! While I look forward to the day when I will share this with my husband... who doesn't exsist yet, I have to agree that this is just another form of prostitution. Except people are giving up so much more than their bodies when they do it. Ask anyone of my friends who had premarital sex. Every last one of them says they wish they had waited and that nothing but lust was involved.