Monday, October 24, 2005

The Sign

I have a Bush sign from the 2000 election cycle that I brought back from my parents home when I was up there. It's not just any Bush sign though. It's one of the Hispanics for Bush signs that was given to me by my former boss who used to be the chair for Hispanics in the State Republican party of the state I used to live in. It says, "Un Neuvo Dia" on it. In some ways that was very true.

Still, it's not just any Hispanics for Bush sign either. This sign was autographed by George W. Bush before he was president. It has a huge scrawling autograph on it and it's the reason I have a file with the Secret Service (they yelled at me).

So anyway, now I'm really not sure what to do with the sign. Perhaps I should sell it.


little-cicero said...

Why sell it? People use to have enough admiration for their Presidents regardless of politics. Have politics become so contentious that you don't even appreciate your sign anymore? Now you've got me depressed Esther, but there's a cure to this depression:

Sell ME the Bush sign!!!

Esther said...

I was just thinking about the money, honestly. I still like Bush and I am sentimentally attached to that sign. I don't think I can make myself sell it. It's just, you know, something that was signed by him before he was president is likely to be worth a lot and I have no work. But the sign holds a very important memory and memories are worth far more than any amount of money to be paid. I can remember the moment I held that sign up in the air and waved at GWB like it was yesterday. And then the SS Agent (whom I have seen on tv before) shouted at me, "Put the pen down! Put the pen down!" So I put my pen in my mouth and continued to hold that sign toward GWB as I was crushed by thousands of people trying to get GWB's attention (huge rally). And Bush took my sign and autographed it with a Sharpee and grabbed my hand and then continued along the line of people. Yeah, I can't give up that sign and I don't care how stupid I sound.

Tracy said...

A few years back I met Jimmy Carter at a book signing. We spoke for awhile during a break and he was very warm and genuine. Now I have an autographed book from what was the worst president in my lifetime. (Bush is now competing for that distinction in my opinion) My point?

No amount of money you get from selling it replaces the unique opportunity you had in getting it. You have a story with it...if you sell it to someone their story is reduced to: "I got it on Ebay"

Keep those types of memories.

little-cicero said...

Forget what she said...I want that sign!
I need something to go into my GW shrine!

Esther said...

Tracy is a he, and I totally agree with what he said. I think it was a very nice comment to be sure because I would keep something signed by Jimmy Carter too, just for that memory.

Nope, I'm keeping my sign. I am sure that you could not pay enough to compensate for the memory that would no longer be as concrete if I lost it.

little-cicero said...

My first born son...
That's My final offer,
Take it or leave it!

Esther said...


But I would have to pay for his food and education and college . . . that's not a good bargain, really. ;oP