Monday, July 02, 2007

Eight Secrets Meme

I'm going to be gone on vacation for a little bit. After that I have some serious stuff to talk about which I have been researching. In the meantime, you are welcome to enjoy the following eight secrets. I was tagged by Little Cicero to do this meme.

1. I am morbidly afraid of mascots. I never tell people this. I am also afraid to go to Disney World because of the people in Mickey Mouse suit and other character suits.

2. I often have dreams where I am late for work or have forgot my homework even though I do not currently have a job and I have not been in school for a while now.

3. I used to be terrified of making phone calls. Working in the insurance world cured me of that.

4. The only computer game that I will play is the Civilization series, either 3 or 4. I use them to get out pent up aggressive feelings. I learned to hate computer games because my siblings and I had a tendency to fight over the computer. I eventually came to consider computer games to be a waste of time. Not Civ 3 and 4, haha.

5. I have always wanted to take over the world. This is a general wish of serious poli-sci majors, but we don't talk about it.

6. I am a loner. This is no secret. The secret is that I almost never pass up an opportunity for social interaction because I really like being around people.

7. I have some very high strung personality traits. Around people I try to focus these traits into ditziness because it's funny.

8. My greatest joy is to make someone else laugh.


Mel Chickk said...

My daughter shares your fear of mascots. She is also deathly afraid of clowns. Actually anyone in any type of costume EXCEPT Disney. I think it is because she grew up with all that is Disney.

Mel Chickk said...

oh yeah...enjoy your vacation!! :)

little-cicero said...

By the way, I have to thank you for suggesting "The Music Man" a while ago. I found the "Give Iowa a Try" song especially amusing after reading your thoughts on IowA.

Esther said...

Mel: Clowns don't really bother me. I don't trust them, but they're usually funny.

LC: Glad you enjoyed it. I find the part where Professor Hill is talking to the Mayor and the mayor starts yelling at him to be at the courthouse at 3pm to be the most illuminating. Hill asks him if he means 3pm that afternoon and the Mayor just keeps yelling the same thing. That is so Iowan. That's exactly what they do. You can mock them to their faces and they won't catch on, they'll just keep yelling the same thing. It's actually pretty funny and I plan to use this trait for my amusement.