Sunday, August 12, 2007

Internet Exploder Version 6.66

I am aware that the current version of Internet Explorer (aka the Version of the Beast) is displaying my blog improperly. I am attempting to fix this. In the meantime, try Firefox.


little-cicero said...

Same here. I posted for the first time in a while, then much to my dismay I couldn't find it on Internet Explorer. Is that a shameless plug or a relevant comment?

Esther said...

It's a relevant comment I would say. I have to have my husband look at my template code to help me fix mine (he's a computer programmer). Of course, this week he's on call with his company so he has no time to fix anything but their machines. Maybe next week he can help me out.

The old version of IE was fine. It's so annoying that just having a new version messes things up like this.