Saturday, August 04, 2007

Perish The Very Scary Thought

I just found out that about a week ago one of my college friends suffered a massive stroke. The scary part is, it was not my college friend who graduated a year ahead of me at age 60. It was one who is only 23 years old. Wow. Life does throw strange things at young people sometimes. She was going to start grad school this year. So far, her right arm still will not work, but I guess she can walk a little now. At first she could not remember things, but it sounds like she is doing better with that. Also, her family says she can talk some. Anyway, I only wanted to post this to request prayers for her and her family. It's a tough time they are going through and I really feel for them. I cannot believe this could happen to someone so young. Except, in D.C. I did meet a highschooler who had had several strokes and lots of mini-strokes, she had a blood condition. It's so strange when things like this happen to young people. I really hope that C. gets better. She's a very determined person and if anyone could make her way through this at such a young age it would be her.

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Mel Chickk said...

Wow, that is scary! You just never associate strokes with young people. Maybe because she is so young she will have a better recovery than someone older though. I will keep your friend in my prayers.