Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Never Easy

I have been working hard on my two classes worth of homework, my new job, and keeping my house in some semblence of order for the past month. Hence, I have not had much time to write. Do not worry, I am around and well. I will try to make updates as often as possible given my schedule. You will have to be patient with me. That is, if I have readers still. Comment if you're still here (seriously).


Emily said...

I have you on Google Reader. New posts pop up every time I open my browser. I'd love to hear about your new job, or what courses/degree you're doing in school.

Tracy said...

I'm here.

Foolio_Displasius said...

*boom boom wiki-wiki*

Yo, I'm MC Craig and I'm here to say

I'm still right up in here in a major way

And if those sucka MCs say I've gone away

Then I'll make 'em like a cat that's had a touch of Spay