Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ah, Logic #14

The media gets it wrong all the time. This presidential primary race is solid proof of that fact. I totally wish the media would stick to reporting and analyzing and get out of the business of predicting. It takes real research and education to predict. Yes, that means more than the research and education necessary to report what's happening.


Anonymous said...

Remind me how many of the 50 states have voted again?

Foolio_Displasius said...

Totally. And let's remember that many states that vote prior to "Super Tuesday" tend to be on one side of the American political spectrum, i.e., Left. So there's a whole 'nother range of ideas & opinions to be drawn from out there!

Esther said...

RWG: So far we have Iowa, Wyoming and New Hampshire. That makes three. Michigan is on Tuesday. Historically speaking, the winner of Iowa and New Hampshire usually wins (last 50 years, or so). However, only two candidates (it might be more than two) have ever won both Iowa and New Hampshire. Bill Clinton won neither of the first primary states. So, it's really tough to predict this stuff. This time around it's especially difficult because most Republicans are unhappy with the choices.