Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some Things Never Change

. . . George W. Bush is one of them. I watched the State of the Union Address for the first time in several years yesterday evening. Most years I just read it afterwards. This being President Bush's last year I decided to watch him give his speech one more time. There were a few solid moments of the speech where I would have been standing and applauding. But most of it was all about spending more of my tax dollars on more wasteful Federal programs. He did throw in a nice tribute to balancing the budget at the beginning. He even laughed when he told Congress that he was not going to approve an unbalanced budget this year.

Bush is taking that veto pen very seriously these days. He had to ease into this whole presidency thing. So, about his 6th year he decided he could try vetoing something. I guess he ended up enjoying the veto so much that he can't put the pen down now.

I have to admit I prefer watching a Bush State of the Union Address to a Clinton one. Why is that? Bush may make errors in words and sentences (not yesterday), but he doesn't keep talking for two hours. Nor does he insert all kinds of sickening, flowery language in his speech. He just says what he means. If that makes me doze off, well, at least it's better than feeling like I want to go vomit.

It was actually funny watching the speech last night. GWB was having such a wonderful time giving his last State of the Union Address. He looked so comfortable standing up there. He seems to have stopped caring about the criticism we as a country focus on him. On one hand, that's not good. But on the other hand, I do have to feel some respect for the guy. He took the job of president and he's definitely one of the most hated presidents in his time. Still, he never gives up on his decisions. I can't get behind all the spending or wars of regime change. But I have to admire his unapologetic perseverance. I have to admire his resolve. I really have to admire his ability to finish the speech in only one hour . . .

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