Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Announcing For 2007

It's time for the most exciting blog event of the year. At least, the most exciting blog event on this blog. I am about to announce the 2007 Neville Chamberlain Award. You can check out '05 and '06 if you've a mind.

Before I announce the award I would like to share a little about why I do this every year. I choose, each year, to celebrate the good things in life. That culminates in Christmas and New Year celebrations. However, I cannot help but notice some of the cowardly things that happen throughout the year. Some of the things that people do are just downright spineless. They should be celebrated too. I do this by highlighting the most spineless act of appeasement committed over the past year. Now, this includes the international political spectrum. Naturally, you want to know what the receiver of the award gets. I would say nothing. Nothing but the sound of my lack of respect and the knowledge that he, she or they did something incredibly cowardly.

This past year was a tough one to come up with a recipient for. Hence the late post. I spent a lot of time thinking. In the end I discovered that I was going to have to give the award to a most undeserving recipient. The most spineless act of appeasement which I could think of was entirely unoriginal. It's actually a cop out. Neville -- my holiday monkey who was contracted to give the award each year -- would only allow me to take his picture while he was thumbing his nose. That's how lame the act that garnered the 2007 Neville Chamberlain Award really is. Not much I can do, you know. Without further ado, I would like to announce that the 2007 Neville Chamberlain Award shall be given to:

Harry Reid.

For the infamous "Harry Reid Rush Limbaugh smear letter." Incidentally, anyone who signed that letter gets the NC award as well. As the story goes, Rush (of whom I am not really a fan, but that's irrelevant) made some disparaging comments about a man who claimed to have been a soldier in Iraq, but who really had been booted out of boot camp. The media took offense and began calling for Rush to resign etc. ad nauseum. People got upset. The long story shortens to Harry Reid writing a letter to ask Rush's network to dump his show.

Basically, Harry Reid caved to the media and general populace pressures on the Democratic Congress to do something. That's why the rest of the country voted the Dems in anyway, right? So they would do something to oppose conservatives. Something to limit free speech. You know. The only thing Reid managed to do was write this stupid letter and get some of his buddies to sign it. Not much of an appeasement. Any other year I would say Senator Reid should get an honorable mention. This year, I am lacking in good candidates for the award. So, here you go, Mr. Reid. *sound of a whoopy cushion*

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