Thursday, January 17, 2008

To Sing To The Whole World

I have spent the last two years unable to watch my one addiction: American Idol. Yes, I love that show. No, I don't know why. Simon is my favorite of the judges because I nearly always agree with him (but I would not say things the way he does). Randy and Paula are fun too because they're a lot more enthusiastic and normal than Simon. They definitely ground the show.

Yesterday's show was 2 hours long and I almost quit watching it. But they kept teasing me at the commercial breaks with an upcoming contestant. He was a guy in a costume. When they finally brought him out (the last 7 minutes of the show) I thought, "I've waited this long, this had better be good." Boy, was it. Here it is for your viewing enjoyment. Watch him as he "sings free of charge" "to the whole world." The greatest 7 minutes in American Idol history as far as I am concerned.


Brit said...

First off, if you wonder how I stumbled upon your blog, I am good friends with Katie.

Now, as for the entry, I followed your link and received a full seven minutes of excellent entertainment. Thank you. (For I am not one that watches television and I miss some great moments of pop culture)

Amber said...

Oh wow.

Esther said...

Brit: Hey thanks. I've done a little reading of your blog now and am happy to say that I like it. I'm glad you enjoyed the American Idol clip. When I was watching it on tv I could not stop laughing. Since then I have watched it several times and still get a kick out of it.

Mel Chickk said...

I have never watched American Idol but I've heard how mean Simon has been to contestants. He was pretty cool with this guy.