Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Civil War

We are all asking the same question: Is Iraq really going to Hell in a handbasket?

Here are some thoughts on that.


Andy said...

In the wake of the terrorist bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra, it was the Iraqi army that kept the peace in the streets. I stopped reading basically here. "Kept the peace"? In the wake of the Samarra bombing, hundreds of Iraqis died in sectarian violence and just Monday, the American ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad -- you know, the Bush appointee? -- described Iraq as "really vulnerable" to all out civil war. I'm so sick of this nonsense that "The Big Bad Evil Liberal Media" is not reporting "all the good news." Sure, there may in fact be good news here and there, but the overall picture, e.g., the REAL story, is that Iraq is a big, hairy mess. If I'm trapped by a hungry lion in your living room, would you fault me for lack of objectivity if I failed to mention your tasteful decor?

Esther said...

I think that all media is biassed in some way or another. I didn't post the article to say there's nothing wrong in Iraq, just to point out that some good stuff is happening too. Your lion analogy is extreme as Iraq is not in a civil war. It's more like a scary looking dog in the living room that may or may not be friendly. We don't know what's going to happen. There's a difference between "vulnerability" and an actual war.

Also, the guy who wrote the article is IN Iraq and we're not so I think he might have a better vantage point. All we hear is what we're told. Half of the news is somebody's opinion, 45% is incorrect. The remaining 5% might be factually true, but usually includes poor grammar and typos.

Why complain when you didn't even read the article?

Will said...

Thanks for posting that. Ralph Peters is awesome---and he's never been a Republican hack.