Monday, March 06, 2006

Out Of Oscars

So, who all watched the Oscars? I sure didn't. Aside from the fact that no movie I had watched was nominated for anything good, I don't have cable and I live in a broadcasting hole (i.e. you can only get public television here with an antenna). I do feel obligated to post a link to the results and perhaps talk about the awards just a teensy bit.

It looks like "Brokeback" took in three awards, but it didn't get best picture. That went to "Crash."

I am surprised that "Revenge of the Sith" did not get nominated for visual effects. The volcano fight scene was masterful. I haven't seen "King Kong," but I'm sure the effects were excellent considering that Peter Jackson directed it. I'm not saying it should not have won, just that Episode Three should have been nominated.

My last disappointment goes to Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride." It was far better than "Wallace and Gromit" although I enjoyed both films. What gives? Does everyone hate Tim Burton or something? He's never even received an Academy Award. In fact, this is his first every nomination for one. That appalls me.

And that's my take. Oscars suck, they usually go to movies that don't make any sense. I am convinced that the people who nominate are so befuddled by the movies they choose that they assume they must be good. The thought in their heads must be: "I don't understand this movie at all, therefore it must be really good."


Tracy said...

Watching TV is lame anyway.

Watching an awards show where people in Hollywood award themselves for the pictures they make has always seemed boring to me.

...and I thought congress was a mutual admiration society.

Xana Ender said...

I didn't watch them, but Jeremiah claims Crash really deserved Best Picture. It sounded interesting when I saw previews at least. And I REALLY loved King Kong. I couldn't understand why it was so panned. It was one of my favorite movies this year!