Saturday, March 25, 2006

Writer I Am

. . . or am trying to be.

My novel is in the beginning stages of editing. This is a crucial time for it, a time when I will decide what is crap and what is actually decent. While I have found some good bits in the story, most of my current discovery is somewhat disappointing. At least, it's disappointing to me. Here I will find a thought in my character's head that is incongruous with his current state of being, there I will find a conversation that no longer ties in to the overall plot. You know, important stuff. Right now I am considering a virtually unsalvageable conversation. I must have stuck it in for filler. It sucks.

Considering my work is more discouraging than I thought it could be. Hence, to bolster my mood I'm going to link to one of my blog entries that I thought was pretty good at the time that I wrote it. There, now I feel better.

To be a good writer, I think that I have to hard on myself and the things I have written. It is necessary to re-work my writing style until it becomes the best that it can be. At these times I doubt that I will ever be a published author. It is no small feat, you know, to become a well reputed author like Steven King (whose only book I have read was his "Memoirs On Writing"). Then again, I do not intend to be that good. I only intend to be as good a writer as I can be. I only hope that after a few publishings I will at least have a small following that includes some of my friends. It does not matter if my books are overwhelmingly popular, it only matters that the people whose opinions count enjoy them. And one of those people is me. So, I better get back to editing or I am not going to enjoy my own story.

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maggen said...

i wish you luck with your editing!