Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Another Last Minute Note

Here's a post I tried to publish yesterday!

A few days ago the president of our college reflected upon the Iraq elections:

"It's wonderful that they got all these people out to vote," he said. "But there is one question to ask: What did they vote for!?"

I thought his words focused on a part of the elections which needs to be considered. We can go on and on about how awesome it is that 72% of the people voted. Yet in the end, the concern remains, did they elect a decent administration that will act for the good of the people, or did they accidentally expand despotism? Furthermore, only the length of years will show whether the current state of liberty will last. The triumph of the moment must be extended to create the triumph of the ages. Without hard work and dedication freedom never lasts.

And for all my words here, what have I done to help?

Good question. Very good question. Other than hopes, prayers, and seeing friends go off to fight I cannot say most of us have done much. But I applaud those who have been in a position where they could help in this endeavor. And I sincerely hope that their work will not have been in vain.

I hear the Pope is in the hospital with the flu. This is somewhat sad news. I hope he regains his strength. He is a historical figure who came into his office at a time when he was very needed. I am not Catholic, but I can feel nothing but respect for Pope John Paul II.

On to more mundane issues. It's Wednesday, I am feeling much better today. And I have to go to a studio art class in five minutes.

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