Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Not quite in the usual Political Mood

I went to a speech on missile defense today and it was interesting. My fiance came with me. The speaker was discussing using lasers and "interceptors" to shoot down missiles from space (space based defense system). I could hear the little wheels in my fiance's (the physics major) head turning. It was cute.

Other than that, I've spent my day working on things and worrying about the exam I have on Friday.

I am supremely annoyed about one small thing. American Idol was moved to 9pm! I wanted to watch it at 8pm. I had planned my day so I could. They changed it at the last minute. If it had been changed earlier I could have gone to a speech or something. Stupid Fox!

For news, if you click the very appropriate title up there you can look at some commentary on Israel and Palestine's truce. Here's a quote that I thought made a lot of sense, this is by Dennis Ross the former Middle East Envoy from the U.S.:

"No. 1, Yasser Arafat is gone and he basically countenanced the violence. Abu Mazen (Mazen is the new leader of Palestine, otherwise known as Mahmoud Abbas) is someone who is against it. No. 2, Abu Mazen is riding a crest of popular support. And Hamas in particular understands that. And they do not want to put themselves opposite what the Palestinian public wants. It isn’t only that Abu Mazen was elected. It’s also that in the exit polls after the election, it’s very clear that 84 percent of the Palestinians wanted to see law and order established among Palestinians. And 81 percent wanted to see the economy rebuilt and restored, and they wanted a normal life. Hamas understands that, so they won’t be quick to disrupt it. But at this time, they won’t do it. I don’t know how much time we will have however."

Very interesting. This is so intense. It's like watching a movie in real life. Except here, you wonder what will happen for real because it affects lives of those in many countries including our own.

And one more time, man, I am glad that Arafat is gone. To be kind, he did not have to die, he just had to descend from power. I am glad he is not in control of Palestine anymore.

Of course, in the end God is in control of all. And so what happens may happen whether it seems bad or good to us makes no difference. Those of us who trust Christ have nothing to worry about.

Still interesting. . .

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