Thursday, February 03, 2005


Ah, a daker red, for a darker post... Actually, it will be a normal post.

I'm going to Pittsburgh tomorrow! I've never been there. I'm kind of excited about this. I'm sad to leave Craig for two days.

This morning in class we watched a very sad movie about Africa. It had to do with British colonization and dominance in South Africa. Actually, the movie started with slavery and continued through the life of Cecil Rhodes. One of my friends over-simplified its thesis. "It basically said that anything done by a Christian is inherently evil," he explained. I agree to some extent. The skeptical-bordering-on-cynical host did suggest a couple of times that it is wrong to think your religion is better than someone elses. He implied briefly that such a thing leads to exploitation. However, that was very brief. Mostly the movie showed that Africa had been tyrannized during colonization. It was probably an accurate depiction of the events. It bordered on a "hate all white males" sort of film. And it de-emphasized any atrocities committed by Africans. I took from the movie that all sides of the issue were the wrong side to be on. On the other hand I have read other accounts of the settlement of South Africa, and I know that what was done to the South Africans was very wrong and sparked problems that exist to this day.

Breaking News:,2933,146320,00.html The "Oil for Food" scandal is making headlines at last. It is still not fully investigated. But you can see that for yourself. It's ridiculous that anyone thought Saddam Hussein could be trusted to bring humanitarian aid to the people of Iraq.

I have to organize a lot of stuff now.

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