Sunday, February 27, 2005

When Was the Last Time You had a Weekend?

Yo, dude, if you have a life like mine, you never get to experience a real weekend. You do one of two things on the days that most people term "weekend" days (for our purposes we'll call them Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

One: Sit on your butt writing papers at your computer or reading book after book after book to catch up with the classes you're already too far behind in to even dream of catching up.

Two: Travel to someplace far away to spend two days arguing with people about topicality, perms, the Constitution, President Bush, Criminal Justice System, or whether pigs have wings.

It's a hard knock life all right.

And for your information, I did not break into out rounds this weekend. In fact, three of my opponents during the tournament broke into out rounds so I know I lost at least three rounds. I suck. There's a tournament this weekend, but I have to do a CCA run. I really wanted to go to the tournament. I did not know it would happen until now.

I am whining a lot. I suggest you go see what Finn and Joe are up to. They never whine.

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Xana Ender said...

I love working for the government. I usually have weekends and nights and all this free time! Of course, with me I fill it all up until I crazy-busy again:-)