Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I am not dead

I simply do not have time to post. I am around here somewhere. Actually I am writing a paper that I do not want to start so I am sitting here posting on my blog.

I had a debate with a friend today. Halfway through the debate I realized that I totally agreed with my friend. So I just said, "Actually, I agree with you." He lost steam really fast. It was funny. However, we had a good time dissing the people we know who take the side that I had argued for fun at first. It was worth arguing about it because we realized that we are on the same page and that our page makes a lot of sense.

Speaking of arguing, have you ever made a friend by arguing? I made two friends that way. Neither of them talk to me anymore. I had an insult war with one person and we were very good friends for a very long time. And I had a philosophical debate with another person, who was my opposite. We were good friends for a while, until he disappeared. I wonder if arguing is a shaky foundation for a lasting friendship. I cannot think of any other friendships that began with an argument for me, so maybe it just never works. Or maybe my friends were deadbeats.

I discovered at a young age that 90% of humanity is made up of deadbeats. This means that if you want people to do things you have to prod them until they get off their butts and act.

Speaking of deadbeats, I still have that paper to write.


HuskerFoley7 said...

I agree with you totally on the deadbeat thing... But seriously, what kind of people waste time checking their e-mail like 100 times a day and then surfing the web for obnoxious Sandi Patti lyrics they have stuck in their heads. I don't know, but the world needs less of them. Piece out!

Esther said...

Dude, I don't know who'd do a thing like that. But at least they have purpose in their lives and they're getting somewhere. I mean, Sandi Patti lyrics and email is somewhere isn't it?