Thursday, February 10, 2005

Lincoln's Squinty Eye

First off, if you click the title you can look at some analysis by actual Israeli and Palestinian, uhm, analyzers on the truce. It's good stuff. They do not seem too hopeful, but at the same time there's some interesting news in there. Aparently prisoner returns will be arranged and Palestinians will be allowed in Israel again.

Second off, I have an exam, so this will be a short post.

Third off, I went and had my photo taken and it was a great photo of me with Craig. However, in every picture I could see my squinty Lincoln eye. It drives me up the wall. Sometimes photos of me look fine, but when you take a photo straight on the squinty eye is always there. It reminds me of Honest Abe because one of his eyes was set back farther in his head and turned in a little so it always looked weird in photos. I think my eyes are similar in that they are not placed symmetrically and it only looks weird in photos. Anyway, I'm sure you think I'm full of myself by now. And I'm sure I am. I still need God, dontcha know.


Arella Nova said...

Tis okay Esther. I have scrawny arms. I htink we all have something about ourselves that we think about alot. If it matters at all - the expression and energy in your eyes drowns whatever "squintyness" I may have failed to notice. :)

Anonymous said...

squint, squint, squint