Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Creative Protesting

A citizen has launched a creative protest in response to the Supreme Court's recent decsion on eminent domain. He plans to take Justice Souter's land for public use as a hotel (the Lost Liberty Hotel) and to build the justice's house into a cafe (Just Deserts). I find this to be an utterly hilarious gesture, although I doubt it will go anywhere soon. On the other hand who knows? While it is kind of mean for this guy to pick on the poor, old justice, it was also wrong of Souter to vote the way he did on that case. The right to property is important and the Constitution clearly indicates that it should be protected by government and not violated. More information here.


Tracy said...

This protest has been one of the greatest demonstrations of the absurdity of a law in a long time. The genius of it is that it doesn't even require civil disobedience, but rather simply exposing the law for what it is...theft.

This article also eloquently describes the debates of conscience between the different factions of libertine thought...basically which fringe is more fringier. ha ha

Esther said...

I thought the discussion on libertarian thought was very interesting. I have several friends who are libertarians, but have never fully understood what it means. So any information is interesting.

I think the protest is hilarious! It's such a good idea.