Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Yup, I'm sick. Really sick. So, don't expect to hear much from me for a few days or a week. I'm in hiding. To be precise, I'm asleep. At the moment I am only half asleep, which is why I can write this coherently. In a little bit I will be completely asleep. You won't get anything out of me then.

Being sick hurts. All medicines have something in them that make me even sicker due to my favorite sulfite sensitivity. So the only thing I can really do to get better is sleep and drink water and orange juice.

I'm sure you all wanted to know this.


Mel Chickk said...

Take care of yourself. Hope you are feeling better soon!

little-cicero said...

Be sure to drink plenty of green tea and take Vitamin C. Oh, and don't forget the other remedy for sicknesses such as yours: being tagged. You've been tagged, if you're up to it.