Sunday, February 26, 2006

I Can't Believe It . . .

. . . or maybe I can. For those of you who still think Bush lied, go ahead, eat your heart out.


Andy said...

Well...hold the phone a minute. First, are you saying Saddam Hussein is a trustworthy source? The fact is, the White House's own WMD report concluded that Iraq's WMD scientists were completely hobbled by the international sanctions, but were so terrified of Saddam that they lied to him about the progress that they were making. He may have thought he had some weapons, but...Esther, come on. We've been in Iraq for nearly three full years now. We haven't found ZILCHO. (Wait, was that a double negative?)

Furthermore -- we're still ignoring the big huge giant naked gorilla in the room, and that is, whether this man had the types and quantities of WMD's that Dubya catalogued in the 2003 SOTU (he didn't), we still made a mess of the occupation. We invaded a country without a comprehensive plan to put it back together, based on sweet talk from power hungry Iraqi exiles who promised us candy and flowers. (The power-hungry Iraqi exile in question turned out to be an Iranian double-agent. Marvelous.)

Anyway, I don't really care what claims crazy old Saddam Hussein made. The fact is we haven't found anything. That ought to speak louder than a bunch of old tapes.

Esther said...

I was not saying anything at all. I just posted the article.

All of a sudden the White House is right over and above Iraqi officials/people?