Thursday, February 09, 2006

Engler Why Did You Leave?

Because he was going to be term limited anway. I know, I know. I'm talking about Michigan. In the early 1980s when Blanchard was governor the state motto changed to "Last one to leave, turn out the lights!" Then we had twelve years with Governor Engler and I never could figure out why people did not like him. I mean, jobs were plentiful and the state government was not too intrusive. My state scholarship was well funded too. Now it's Granholm and the motto is quickly going back to the one we had under Blanchard. Granholm is charismatic and nice. But Michigan needs something more than charisma, it needs economic help. I don't usually agree with George Will (I think he's a weirdo), but for once he made some good points in an article.

I feel for my former home state. In a sense I will always be a Michigander, it's something that I can't change. I will always be proud of American made automobiles. Flaunting your Honda at me may always be a hanging offense even though it gets better gas mileage and most of the parts in it are American made anyway. I will always love snow and wind and cold weather during the wintery part of the year. That goes without saying, despite the fact that my weakened constitution cannot take the cold anymore and I am frequently ill during the winter months. Trees and cars, that's Michigan.

Sadly, Granholm has sent it into a major decline. She also tried to take away my state scholarship (which never made sense to me because she's a liberal and aren't they supposed to be for free education?). I really wish she would go back to Canada, not that I have anything against Canada, it's just that many of her policies would be more welcome there. Of course, now I've moved and I have no say in the gubernatorial race that's starting to get competitive. But I still care. I hope DeVos wins, because he knows the importance of business and employment. His plans are also much more feasible.

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