Friday, February 17, 2006


I haven't rambled on this blog in a while. It is always so serious, or so seriously funny. I never just let my thoughts go wherever the wind will take them. So, here goes nothin'.

I like my new job a lot. It's nice not to have to deal with jerks all the time. Nobody cusses me out over the phone. Most of what I do is intricate, makes me think and includes staring at computer screens. I have a lovely little office where I can lock myself away and be all alone during lunch time. It's nice to get some all by my lonesome time every day. I like having a little space now and again. The one thing that differs between this job and the one I lost is the friendship factor. The people back at City Hall were my friends. I enjoyed hanging around with them and chatting. I miss having work buddies.

Furthermore, I have found that wherever I go I meet and make friends with the oddball people. The ones who no one else take seriously. I have never worked in a job and not had a "weird friend," as I call them. I enjoy hanging out with the people no one else understands. I do not make these strange friends because I pity them. Rather, because I see the good in almost every person and I think that every person can teach me something about life in general. Here, everyone is taken seriously and everyone likes everyone else. There are no oddballs.

Actually, I take that back, there is an oddball: me. I'm the one without friends. I'm the misfit who's happy to be here but does not make sense in this place. I'm a poli-sci major working in mental health. I do not think like anyone else here. But there is no other person like me who makes friends with the weird one out. So now I'm all alone. I'm not sad about this. It's a great job and I enjoy it. Yet, I do wish that I did not have to be the weird one. I guess I know how it feels now. I miss my weird friends. They've all been left behind and I just do my job without any funny interruptions by people who will never make sense to those more normal than me.

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little-cicero said...

Imagine being a political science junkie trapped in a school full of teenagers who just want to talk about MTV, sports and dating. At least there's the school paper, and the occassional request for commentary, but I can identify with you.